cotonou model un 2019

over a warm but beautiful weekend in late february, i had the opportunity to document COTMUN 2019, a model united nations simulation conference run by the Benin Yali Alumni Association and US Embassy in Benin. brought together in ouidah, benin out of a pool of over 500 applicants, about 30, young and driven leaders learned and simulated model un caucuses. the soon to be change makers of africa, many of whom were beneficiaries of @yali_africa from benin, niger, burkina faso, mali, and nigeria, and individuals around 30 years old who have started local NGOs or are already working with larger

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chez moi in benin

on 16 dec, i moved to my permanent village in the arrondissement of tangbo-djevie,  about 30km north of the peace corps office in the cadjehoun neighborhood of cotonou. after 4 weeks of living at chez appolinaire, a relatively well-off food producer in the arrondissement, i moved to the concession of chez donatien after a small dispute over the rent with m. appolinaire. my experience with getting settled into my new home has been much more enjoyable than that at my previous abode, as: [1] my neighbors speak french (as opposed to only fon), [2] i am deeper into the village which

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some moments from my home stay

during my three month training program with peace corps benin, i spent 9 weeks living with a host family in a rural village near lokossa – a city 2 hours east from cotonou and not far from the border of togo. this sejour offered me a unique glimpse into village life in benin by developing relationships and experiencing how the beninese live their lives. the photos here are a sample from a larger collection i am in progress of creating.  the integration and bonds i built during the first half of my stay enabled me to capture personal and raw moments.

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after puerto montt, my trip took me to valparaiso, a picturesque port city in chile just west of santiago. i took a 15 hour bus from puerto montt which was not the worst, but the last few hours i was getting pretty antsy. i got into the city around 11am and went to a cafe to find some internet. i booked a hostel a block away and dropped my bags off and freshened up. i went for a 3pm walking tour of the city where i got a good lay of the land. i woke up very early the next

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the navimag ferry through the chilean fjords

after about a week, my unplanned trip to puerto natales is over.puerto natales is a small port town with some cool graffiti by the water and lots of wild dogs, as in almost all of the towns in patagonia. it is a big entry point for torres del paine, so anything you would need for a trek can be found in town. i spent a few more days than i would have liked down here, but c’est la vie in patagonia as things move slow here. erratic rock began to feel like a little home – it was a unique

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torres del paine: part 2

rewinding a bit from part one, in part two i’m going to highlight my 3 day, 35 mile hike through torres del paine (pronounced tor-rez del pie-nuh). from el calafate, we took a 7am bus to puerto natalates. about 4 hours in, we hit the border of argentina and chile. first, we had to stop at the argentina border crossing point. everyone got off the bus and had to get their passports stamped. we reboarded the bus and drove 10 minutes to the chile crossing point. we had to take all of our luggage off the bus and send it

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all images © 2018 dan greenberg.

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