/ some moments from my home stay

during my three month training program with peace corps benin, i spent 9 weeks living with a host family in a rural village near lokossa – a city 2 hours east from cotonou and not far from the border of togo. this sejour offered me a unique glimpse into village life in benin by developing relationships and experiencing how the beninese live their lives. the photos here are a sample from a larger collection i am in progress of creating.  the integration and bonds i built during the first half of my stay enabled me to capture personal and raw moments.

michael, sunday after church

anne, preparing for church

papa, with his car

the family home

mama, in front of her small boutique

vender au marche de agame

neighbors preparing for dinner

riding home before curfew, by moto

carrying water from the pump at sunset

grandsoeur au marche de agame

rolant a la maison

jean au champ

annisete preparing dinner

carine and anne

michael, being a kid

apprentice coiffeur

all images © 2019 dan greenberg.

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