/ glacier trekking in el calafate

tuesday, dave and I took an early morning flight from ushuaia to el calafate to start to work our way up north. we were going to originally go to puerto natales to hit the infamous torres del paine, but the logistics of travelling there were too difficult as it required a lengthy bus ride.
we got to calafate without a hostel but found one when we landed and had a cab take us there. it was cheap – $13 bucks a night. it was simple but got the job done. we went for a walk through town to argentino lake and got empanadas. the town is beautiful in the fall with tall narrow trees – reminds me a bit of tuscany, with the ski chalet town vibe of an aspen. Its a much different type of town than Ushuaia, it feels much more touristy. however, there isn’t too much to do here and its a bit desolate feeling but it’s a big starting point for el chalten, one of the most infamous backpacking destinations in patagonia next to TDP.

el calafate

wednesday we took a tour of perito moreno glacier, where we went ice trekking for a couple hours. it doesn’t out-do the hike last weekend, but standing on one of the biggest glaciers in the world is a pretty crazy feeling and makes you truly understand how real global warming is as its melting more and more every day.
it was raining the entire day – nonstop downpour – so we got drenched but it only made the walk more epic, walking on the glacier with spikes on our shoes. the pictures do not to the size of the glacier justice, its absolutely massive, and these pictures make it look like another planet. the glacier stands around 200 feet from the water level, and an additional 100-200 feet below water level. from the top vantage point, it looks like it goes on forever.

perito moreno glacier

now were headed north to el chalten for 3-5 days – known as the hiking capital of argentina – to see cerro (mount) fitz roy

all images © 2019 dan greenberg.

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